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GF Strong Rehab Centre

Technology Independence Centre at George Pearson Centre

The Technology Independence Centre (TIC) provides residents of George Pearson Centre a chance to learn new skills through the use of a variety of software and computer technology.

TIC maintains several computer 'work-stations' where interested individuals may participate in a number of activities, including:

A variety of adaptive technology is available to facilitate the use of the computers. Due to the specialized nature of its services, TIC is also a resource to the community with regard to providing information about the use of technical aids for individuals with special needs.

George Pearson Centre

George Pearson Centre is a residential facility in South Vancouver. Among many outstanding aspects of this Centre is the Technology Independence Centre. George Pearson Centre provides specialized care for adults with severe disabilities, including brain injury, ventilator dependent residents, and respite care. Many community based activities are focused in and around the Pearson Site.

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