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GF Strong Rehab Centre

Seating Service

The Seating Service assists clients who are wheelchair users to achieve optimal posture, safety, and comfort to attain their highest level of physical/functional abilities, independence, and quality of life.

Our skilled staff include: Occupational Therapists, an Orthotist, and a Registered Orthotics/Seating technician.

Services Provided
The Seating Service performs comprehensive seating assessments, recommends intervention strategies to address client specific problems and goals, designs and constructs customized seating systems and/or components, and assists with the process of selecting, ordering, and fitting commercial and custom seating equipment.

The client, caregivers, family members, program and community health professionals are integral members of the solution team.

Education and Consultation
The Seating Service provides community based education, in addition to providing on-going support and guidance to clients, colleagues, and other interested parties as related to specific client seating issues.

How to Make a Referral
All referrals should be directed to the Admissions Clerk at GF Strong (fax: 604.730.7904; telephone: 604.737.6291). Referrals must include complete client demographics, medical history, and a description of the goal of the referral. The referral must have a physician's signature. Reports or information from therapists working with the client regarding the client's functional status and/or previous seating/mobility interventions is very helpful. Once the complete referral is received, the referral is first reviewed by an appropriate GF Strong Clinical Program. If the Program determines that seating and mobility are the only issues, the referral is directed to Seating Services.

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