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Whether you used the resources at GF Strong to order your initial equipment there will come a time when new or replacement equipment is needed.

Equipment Ordering Process
At that time you may have developed a good working relationship with a retailer of Durable Medical Equipment. You may also be seeing a health care professional on a regular basis. Both of these contacts can help you in your task of equipment ordering.

If you need the help of an OT or PT call your local Community Health Service in the Health Authorities Section of the Blue pages.

The following is a guideline summarizing the steps that should be considered when selecting and acquiring health technology:

Selecting a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Dealer
If you don't have a DME supplier or are considering moving to another city, attached are a few sample questions you should consider asking before deciding.

Select the questions that apply to your situation and needs. Take your time and remember that this is a very important relationship you are entering into. Your DME retailer is your only voice to the manufacturer of your chosen equipment. They can help guide you in selection, provide support and routine maintenance.

The ideal dealer varies depending on your needs. If you have good upper extremity function and have mechanical aptitude you may not need to pay for a high level of dealer support. If you rely heavily on your equipment it might be worth your while to pay a premium to work with a dealer that offers 24/7 service and loan replacement items.

Use the attached questions to help you select a dealer whose services most closely match your needs.

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