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The Assistive Technology Service maintains a limited, yet sophisticated, selection of augmentative communication devices, environmental control systems, and accessibility devices for short term assessment loan to clinicians and therapists serving the communities of the Province of British Columbia & the Yukon Territory. Private practice clinicians and therapists may rent some items from our inventory for short term assessment and trial. All shipping/insurance/liability costs are to be borne by the borrowing organization/clinician (public or private). Click for more information on Fee-Based Services.

Please note: Not all of our equipment/software may be loaned or rented due to various legal issues. Please enquire with the Assistive Technology Service .

Equipment Categories
This brief list is designed to provide the reader with a notion of the equipment available. The equipment is constantly changing and being updated. Client goals and assessment goals drive all equipment loans.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Environmental Control
We have a wide array of systems based upon the four gateways of control - Infrared, Ultrasonic, Radio Frequency, and Power-Line Carrier Based. In addition we have extensive experience with assessment and application of combined gateways.

Alternative Computer Input Devices & Ergonomics
Access to the world of computing is fraught with barriers which are being minimized daily. To this end we have become proficient with a variety of input devices, and more specifically, with determining how they may work compatibly with each other. Some examples:

Rental Arrangement
We rent equipment on a short term (14 day) basis to clinicians and therapists outside of the public health sector. Rental charges are pro-rated against 15% of the replacement cost per month, plus applicable taxes. Shipping and insurance costs are borne by the renter, as are penalty charges assessed for any late return.

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