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We operate the Assistive Technology Resource Centre at GF Strong Rehab Centre and work with a wide range of community partners in British Columbia and the Yukon. Our transdisciplinary team includes 2 Occupational Therapists, a Speech-Language-Pathologist and an Assistive Technologist.

The Assistive Technology Service (ATS) supports clinicians and rehabilitation professionals working with adults and adolescents with disabilities in British Columbia and the Yukon. Our Service consults with and supports a client team in the assessment, selection, and application of technology to further an individual's goals related to seating, communication, vocation, education, leisure, and independent living.


Access to Services (consultations and equipment loans) is through clinicians and rehabilitation professionals only.

A person with a disability, a family member, or friend may Contact us for general information. To try equipment, please have a rehabilitation professional contact us.

A clinician or rehabilitation professional may contact the Assistive Technology Service to arrange a consultation appointment or initiate an online Community consultation.

GF Strong Rehab Centre

G F Strong Rehab Centre is a tertiary care facility of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority providing rehabilitation services to adolescents and adults with physical and neurological disabilities. The service area is the province of BC and the territory of the Yukon. GF Strong provides clients with inpatient, outpatient, and outreach services including valuable therapy, education, and support to help maximize independence and quality of life.

George Pearson Centre

George Pearson Centre is a residential facility in South Vancouver. Among many outstanding aspects of this Centre is the Technology Independence Centre. George Pearson Centre provides specialized care for young adults with severe disabilities, including brain injury, ventilator dependent residents, and a respite care area. Many community based activities are focused in and around the Pearson Site.

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